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Sprucing Up Salads

Now that it’s the hottest part of summer, people are looking for more warm weather dishes: burgers, hot dogs, ribs, pretty much everything under the sun that could be barbecued. But what about salad? Eating a daily dose of veggies is important for our health, and supplies us with necessary vitamins and minerals that many […]

coconut oil

5 Coconut Oil Health Benefits you didn’t know about

Coconut oil has increased dramatically in popularity over the last few years. This is due in part to the increased awareness of food and what is being put into your body. It is also in response to recent research which confirms the benefits of this oil. Studies have proven that coconut oil is a “superfood”. […]

kombucha benefits

Kombucha: The Wonder Drink

You may have heard of kombucha before, that peculiar fizzy drink with strange cloudy stuff in it… But for those of you who have been drinking it for some time, you know it’s so much more than that. For hundreds, even thousands of years, kombucha has been a mysterious drink used traditionally to cleanse and […]

5 recipes with salmon (gluten-free)

5 weight loss recipes made with salmon (gluten free)

Salmon is considered by many one of the healthiest and most nutritious meals on earth. Packed with omega-3s, vitamin B12, B3 and D, selenium, biotin, protein and numerous other vitamins and minerals, eating salmon-based foods is an excellent way of preserving your health, losing weight, and keeping your body energized. Are you currently on a […]


Bringing Back the Bugs Part II: Getting Started!

Are you ready to start fermenting your own fruits & vegetables but not sure where to start? Well you are about to get a step by step crash course to becoming a home fermenter! Fermentation sounds intimidating, but is a simple process with a list of health benefits you can bring into your diet with […]