Chef Alain’s Experience at PaleoFx 2014

Wow! What an exciting event! I was a busy bee. As the Assistant to Ellen Rozman, the Dinner & Sustainability Coordinator aka Soiree Specialist, I helped plan, organize and work the four PaleoFx dinner events: the BBQ Volunteer dinner; the Pecha Kucha dinner; the Speakers dinner; and the Fund Raising Charity dinner for Urban Roots […]

Spaghetti Squash and Shrimp Lo Mein

I love spaghetti squash-as long as it is properly cooked. Most recipes say to bake it until a knife inserted in the shell enters easily. In my experience, the strands will separate and have a more “al dente” texture if you test the squash by piercing the flesh, not the shell. Then, the slightly sweet strands have a good body and texture to carry a tasty sauce like this one. If you want to avoid soy, use fish sauce instead.

Calling All MEN of GLUTEN-FREE: Celiac Disease NEEDS YOU

NEEDED ‘REAL MEN’ of GLUTEN-FREE This May is Celiac Awareness Month so let’s RAISE AWARENESS!! Yep, it has been almost a year since that fateful day Hoda on Today Show said in not so many words, that gluten free men were not ‘REAL MEN’ and a “TURN-OFF”. Apparently a man asking if there is an ingredient in his meal that […]