About Stuffed Pepper. Gluten-Free. You & Me.

About Stuffed Pepper. Gluten-Free. You & Me

Stuffed Pepper is an online wellness magazine that showcases gluten-free, grain-free and paleo recipes, as well as discusses topics in health and wellness in relation to the gluten-free and paleo lifestyle.

Why BEYOND gluten-free?

In August 2013, the FDA finalized its law for labeling gluten-free products stating that as long as a food contains less than 20 ppm of gluten, it can be labeled gluten-free.  I believe no amount of gluten is safe. I also believe that the current definition of gluten is a somewhat loosely applied term and may not be looking at the bigger picture of gluten and wheat and how it affects us (see why a gluten-free diet? why not wheat free?).

But even beyond the nuances of what gluten is or isn’t,  there is a staggering statistic that many gluten-free food manufacturers, as well as doctors, overlook: 74 – 92% of celiacs never heal on the traditional gluten-free diet.[1], [2]. I talk about these studies in my post The Vast Majority of Celiacs are not Healing on the Gluten-Free Diet. I believe in order for anyone to truly heal, you must go grain-free. You must also wean yourself off of processed foods, too much sugar/carbs, and the Standard American Diet (SAD).  You need to take  control of your diet, and the best way to do this is to learn to cook for yourself, using fresh, wholesome foods. I also don’t believe that GMOs are safe, as evidence now shows they can wreak havoc on our guts, just like gluten.

If gluten has been making you sick, then you need to go beyond today’s barely acceptable definition of a gluten-free diet, and conquer health head on. Stuffed Pepper can show you how.


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[1] Intestinal Damage from Celiac Disease Persists in Adults, Even with Gluten-free Diet. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. September 2011. http://celiac.nih.gov/TissueDamage.aspx

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