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Want to get featured in an upcoming newsletter?  Submit your recipe, health tip or opinion post! Here’s some of ideas on what we’re looking for.


We are always looking for creative new recipes to help people stay on a healthy gluten-free, paleo track. Below are some ideas of what we are currently looking for (summer 2014).

  • Sensational Salads. We all know salad is good for us, and even the simplest ones can be enjoyable. But we’d love to see some salads that really sing…
  • Simple Grill-Worthy Dishes. Hot dogs and hamburgers are no-brainers. But what else do you like to throw on the grill when its summer time and the livin’ is easy?
  • Pot-Luck Ideas. Summer is the time for picnics, pot lucks and get togethers. What would you bring to a gathering of friends?

Health articles
Are you a doctor, nutritionist, dietitian, or health & wellness coach? What health tips do you give your clients and patients that you can share with our community? 

Opinion and Personal Posts
Share your story on how going paleo or gluten-free and then paleo has changed your life. Or if you still have questions and gripes, share those, too! Venting is valid form of healing, too, you know! :) Do you have concerns about the FDA, the gluten-free industry, or GMOs? Or do you have praise to give for people or companies who are making a difference in the gluten-ree/paleo world? Let’s hear it!

Have something else you want to share, but didn’t see it listed here? Feel free to pitch us your idea. Please also be sure to check out our Content Guidelines if you’ve never submitted before.

We’d love to hear from you! 

Content Guidelines

Recipe Guidelines

Food Photography Guidelines

Blog Post Guidelines

Restaurant & Product Review Guidelines

Video Submission Guidelines


Recipe Guidelines

Stuffed Pepper welcomes submissions from anyone, but your recipes must meet certain criteria to be accepted. Outlined below are our basic guidelines for submitting recipes to Stuffed Pepper.

1) Your recipe must be gluten-free. Duh!  But seriously, there are many chefs who create gluten-free recipes who are not strictly gluten-free themselves. We don’t have a problem with this, but Stuffed Pepper is strictly gluten-free, so all recipes submitted must be gluten-free.

2) Please, no oats. While the FDA has ruled that oats are considered gluten-free, we don’t believe it. We know many people who react to oats, even the certified gluten-free kind.

3) In addition to gluten-free, we prefer soy-free. You can use fermented soy-sauce, but it should be easily replaceable with soy-sauce alternatives (e.g. coconut aminos). Please no raw soy protein, soy flour, soybean oil, etc.

4) Everyone likes a sweet treat, now again. But we prefer, low-sugar, or sugar alternatives (e.g. honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, agave).

5) We don’t mind a little dairy, but many people on this site are dairy-sensitive. So dairy should be easily replaceable with a substitute, without degrading the integrity of the recipe. Or easily omitted. Goat’s cheese and milk may also be considered as alternatives.

6) We want recipes that are grain-free, low-carb and legume-free as well. You will do best if your recipe is naturally gluten-free, and/or paleo.

7) We also love recipes that can help fill out a meal plan. That is, if your recipe is a weeknight favorite in your house, we’d like to make it one in ours, too!  Or a breakfast that it is satisfying, nutritious and gets everyone out of the house on time…. please share!

8) We would love your recipe to be accompanied with an appropriate photograph. But we only want photographs that make the food look good. See food photography guidelines below. If you’re unsure, you can leave the photograph out.

9) Your recipe should be created or adapted by you. If it was inspired by Bobby Flay or Julia Child, that’s ok and you can say so, but don’t copy a recipe exactly, without the express permission of the author of the recipe. If you use a recipe from a cookbook or magazine, adapting it to be gluten-free/paleo, please cite the source of the original recipe. A list of ingredients is not copyright-able, only the writing of the recipe itself. So if you are the original author of a recipe with a common list of ingredients, than the copyright belongs to you. For more information on our copyright infringement policy, please click here.

10) Please be sure to add one ingredient per ingredient field. This makes it easier for the recipe to be found when searching the database for specific ingredients.

11) Remember to check off any recipe categories or allergen information related to your recipe, so that users searching the site for specific needs can find your recipe. Also, add any tags that you wish, if you think they are important, for instance “easy” or “raw.” Try to stick to 5 or less tags. Readers can search for recipes by ingredient, so you don’t need to add that to your tags.

12) Check your work.  Please do not submit a recipe with spelling errors, grammar or unclear instructions.

13) By submitting a recipe to this site, you grant us the right to publish it throughout the Stuffed Pepper website and in any other capacity related to Stuffed Pepper. You retain the copyright.

14) We reserve the right to reject a recipe for any reason.


Food Photography Guidelines

Stuffed Pepper strives to present mouth watering, gluten-free/paleo food images. This is due in part to our talented Star Chefs who are also talented food photographers. This is also due to the belief that if our food doesn’t look good, whose going to want to eat it? Follow these basic guidelines for creating food images good enough to eat. Photos must fit minimum criteria in order to be published. Here is a great primer on the importance of food photography with stunning photos, by Jenn Oliver of Jenn Cuisine.

1) Make sure the picture is in focus!  If you are working under low-light conditions, please use a tripod to avoid camera shake.

2) Make sure the image is well-lit. If you are working with natural light conditions and there is not adequate light, use a tripod. Please do not use auto flash resulting in front-lighting of the image. Unless you know how to use fill-flash or how to use studio strobes, please stick to natural or available light. Please see Jenn’s article for some tips on lighting. Lighting from the side, or from above and behind are your two best options.

3) Make sure the color is correct. Please select the appropriate option for your light conditions (i.e. incandescent for indoor lights, shade for outdoors in the shade, etc.). Sometimes the Auto function can work well for different lighting conditions, but if your food is looking too blue or too yellow, then you need to adjust the settings.

4) “Fill the Frame.” A common photography tip, this means to check the entire frame of your image, and remove any distracting elements, either by moving closer to your subject or cropping later. Check every element in the frame and make sure it either adds to the image, or at least does not detract.

5) Strive to stylize. While there are professional food-stylists whose sole business is to style food for photographers, you can do a lot by paying some attention to way the food is presented on the plate. Add a fresh sprig of an herb, clean off a couple of pearl onions, make sure the plate does not have splotches (unless they are done artfully and meant to add to the appeal!), etc.

6) Any photograph you submit must be yours, or you must have the permission of the photographer to use the photograph on this site. For more information on our copyright infringement policy, please click here.

7) Please do not purchase stock photos to “represent” your recipe. Most likely those photos have gluten ingredients, so it would be false advertising.

8) By submitting the photograph to this site, you grant us the rights to publish it throughout the Stuffed Pepper website and in any other capacity related to Stuffed Pepper. You retain the copyright.

9) We reserve the right to reject a photograph for any reason.

Blog Post  Submission Guidelines

Stuffed Pepper wants to hear from you! As a community site, we value your opinions on gluten-free and paleo living. Whether you have medical knowledge, coaching experience, can provide inspiration to those just starting, or maybe just feel like going on a rant, you are welcome to submit your post. Just follow these guidelines:

1) While we do accept some work that has been previously published somewhere on the internet, we prefer not to duplicate content too much. Google says that 30% of the internet is duplicated content, and does not consider this a problem unless we are maliciously trying to manipulate search results. Still, to be on the safe side, we would prefer an original piece of work, or one that has been re-written or re-purposed for Stuffed Pepper. If you want to submit a post and would like to discuss content further, please email us through the contact form, and we’ll be happy to talk about it with you.

2) Any post you submit must be your original work and must not be copied from another source. You may however quote other sources, provided you give the proper citation. For more information on our copyright infringement policy, please click here.

3) When making medical, nutritional or scientific claims, please back up your statements as much as possible with references.

4) By submitting a post to this site, you grant us the rights to publish it throughout the Stuffed Pepper website and in any other capacity related to Stuffed Pepper. You retain the copyright.

5) Please refrain from using rude, profane or obscene language.

6) We reserve the right to reject a post for any reason.

Restaurant & Product Review Submissions

Want to share an experience with gluten-free/paleo restaurants and products? Sure! We just offer a few guidelines on how to write your reviews.

1) Please only submit new listings for restaurants that have a gluten-free menu, or whose staff are accommodating in serving your gluten-free and food-allergy needs. Please don’t list a restaurant to complain that they don’t have what we’re looking for. We just want to know where we can go to eat. But you are free to write an unfavorable review if a restaurant offers gluten-free options, but they don’t taste good, weren’t actually gluten-free, made you sick, or anything else you want to express.

2) Please only provide reviews on products that are naturally gluten-free and/or paleo. We aren’t interested in highly processed foods, with lots of chemicals, preservatives and food additives, gluten-free or not.

3) We love favorable reviews, because it makes everyone happy. So if you have been pleased with a product or restaurant, please take the time to let others know. When writing a positive review, please be as descriptive as possible about a product’s taste, texture, price, etc. When writing a restaurant review, in addition to being as descriptive as possible about the meal itself, please also take a moment to describe the ambiance, clientele, and service of the restaurant.

4) Unfavorable reviews are also important, because gluten-free/paleo food is more expensive than its gluten-containing counterparts, and nobody wants to waste their money on food that just wasn’t worth it. When writing a negative review, again, please be as descriptive as possible. Tell us why you didn’t like the product, or the restaurant. Please refrain from spiteful, distasteful and/or hurtful language.

5) Even if you had a so-so experience with a gluten-free/paleo product or restaurant, this is still helpful information. One might dine-out at a cheaper “so-so” restaurant over a more expensive “5 star” restaurant, if they know that at least their experience won’t be bad.

6) Please do not use rude, profane or obscene language.

8) We reserve the right to reject a review for any reason.

Video Submission Guidelines

We love gluten-free TV!!  Whether you vlog regularly about the gluten-free/paleo lifestyle, or you had an appearance on a show about how to cook gluten-free/paleo, you can embed your YouTube or other video on the Stuffed Pepper site.  Please follow these guidelines when submitting, or embedding a video.

1) Your video should have some informative or entertaining value related to the gluten-free/paleo diet and lifestyle. Examples include an honest review of a product, or a cooking tip.

2) Please no commercials. If you would like to promote your gluten-free/paleo product or restaurant, please contact us for more information on how to do that.

3) Videos should not be blurry, and the sound should be audible.

4) Please try to keep the video around 5 to 8 minutes or even less.

5) Please pay some attention to the way you look. While we don’t expect you to be highly coiffed or all decked out, at the very least, we do not want to see a video of you eating gluten-free cereal in your underwear. Same goes with your surroundings. We really don’t want to see dirty laundry in the other room, behind you.

6) You either own the copyright to the video, or it has been hosted on a video sharing website such as YouTube, Facebook and DailyMotion, and meets the requirements of that 3rd party site. For more information on our copyright infringement policy, please click here.

7) By submitting a video to this site, you grant us the right to publish it throughout the Stuffed Pepper website and in any other capacity related to Stuffed Pepper. You retain the copyright to the video.

8) Please do not use rude, profane or obscene language.

9) We reserve the right to reject a video for any reason.