Chef Alain’s Experience at PaleoFx 2014

Robb Wolf

Wow! What an exciting event! I was a busy bee.

As the Assistant to Ellen Rozman, the Dinner & Sustainability Coordinator aka Soiree Specialist, I helped plan, organize and work the four PaleoFx dinner events: the BBQ Volunteer dinner; the Pecha Kucha dinner; the Speakers dinner; and the Fund Raising Charity dinner for Urban Roots with my very supportive team of 8 hard-working volunteers.

Besides that, there was plenty to see, hear, do and taste at PaleoFx 2014.

Dozens of world-class speakers including physicians, nutritionists, research scientists, professional athletes, coaches, trainers, bloggers, podcasters, sustainability and food activists, biohackers, and more.

There were five stages: two premiere stages for presentations and Mastermind panels, the Strength and Conditioning stage, the Cooking Demo stage, and the Paleo On Ramp stage.


Many of the speakers are leaders in their fields and include New York Times best-selling authors, professional athletes, and renowned activists in diverse fields.

Some of these were: Robb Wolf,  Chris Kresser,  Mark SissonSarah FragosoDallas & Melissa Hartwig,  Nora Gedgaudas, Michelle TamDr. Terry Wahls,  Nate Miyaki, John Durant, Diane SanfilippoLierre Keith, Molly Galbraith, and dozens more.

Being that my interests lie in the food and healing field, I personally went to:

–        Chris Kresser: How to Win an Argument with a Paleo Critic. He addressed the most common criticisms and told us how to discuss these topics with our skeptical friends, family members and medical providers.

–        Dr. Hamilton Stapell: The Road Ahead: Obstacles to Popularizing the Ancestral Health Movement. Although the Paleo movement is growing by leaps and bounds, there are still obstacles in many peoples’ mind due to what is perceived as a limited diet that is high in fat and protein.

–        Dr. Terry WahlsMaximizing Nutrient Density for Optimal Health. Dr. Wahls told us how she was stricken by progressive MS and went from moving around in a motorized wheelchair to riding her own bicycle in a few months thanks to her self-created Wahls Protocol.

 –        Robb Wolf: Ketogenic Diets for Traumatic Brain Injury: Keeping the Baby with the Bathwater. Robb told us of his work in traumatic injuries caused by shocks to the brain and how the Ketogenic diet he applied to his clients helped them heal faster than just using drugs. For me, it was a whole new side of applied food and nutrition.

 –        Dr. Shauna Young: Hope is On Your Plate. Dr. Young told us about the influence of manganese vs iron imbalance on Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asperger Spectrum, OCD and other brain function issues like Alzheimer and Schizophrenia. She uses her program, the Spectrum Balance Protocol and analyze and re-balance iron/manganese levels through adjustments in her patients’ diet. I loved how Dr. Shauna applied food as a healing factor in her patient’s treatment.

–        John Durant: In Gross! Evolution of Disgust, John showed us how throughout the centuries, evolution, cultural and religion diktats influence how we approach food. For example, even though blue cheese or stinky cheese may appeal to the French people, it might gross out Americans. On the other hand, kimchi from Korea will not be palatable to French people. It’s an acquired taste on both sides of the ocean. I’m sure you can come up with your own example. I found John’s presentation to be the most fun and intriguing one.

I am sorry to say that it was all I had the time to see and hear. I could not possibly write down all the details but they are all available on the PaleoFx On Demand site:

If you can wait a little longer and for free, Mark and I will have some of these guests on our Low Carb Paleo Show soon. Find out more here:

Products I liked or found fascinating

In between these talks, I was scouring the event’s floor to look for products that interested me and talk to their creators.

Some of the products that picked my interested:

Yawp! Protein Bar
Yawp! Protein Bar

Yawp! Paleo Bar: These two young ladies, one French, one American married to a Swiss guy decided to come up with a crunchy, no grains, Paleo snack and Voila! They came up with Yawp! Paleo Bar. They are low carbs (under 13g per bar), contain 7 g of protein, no added sugar of any form (it is naturally sweetened with dates) and most of all, it is tasty and crunchy thanks to dehydration. If you are vegetarian or vegan, this is the perfect bar for you.

Bulletproof Coffee
Bulletproof Coffee


– Bulletproof Coffee with MCT oil and Brain Octane:  (I could use some of that right now) Bulletproof coffee beans are meticulously grown, harvested, roasted and shipped carefully to prevent contamination from mold, which is current in most commercial coffee. Add to a nice cup of this coffee a TBSP of grass-fed butter and MCT (medium chain fatty acids from coconut) and you’re good to go for a long time. The combination of caffeine from clean coffee and healthy fatty acids will accelerate your metabolism, help you lose weight while feeding your body’s need for healthy fats.

Epic Bison Bar
Epic Bison Bar


Epic Bars: A real protein bar made with organic grass-fed real meat – not just protein powder like so many others. My all-time favorite is the bison-bacon-cranberry bar. But they are all great to eat. They also offer Turkey-almond-cranberry; Beef-habanero cherry; Lamb-currant-mint. Even better than pemmican.

Give Me The Dirt Toothpaste
Give Me The Dirt Toothpaste


Give Me The Dirt Toothpaste: It is a Paleo, non-GMO natural product containing Extra Fine Bentonite Clay, Organic Saigon Cinnamon, Baking Soda, Organic Myrrh Gum Powder, Organic Nutmeg, Sweet Orange Essential Oil & Organic Cardamon Essential Oil. No glycerin and no xylitol, both GMO ingredients. All you do is wet your toothbrush, shake the water, dip it in the dirt and brush. No dirty or funny aftertaste

Exo Cricket Protein Bar
Exo Cricket Protein Bar


Exo Protein Bars:  Made of cricket flour – yep! You hear that right, cricket flour. It tasted great and I could not even tell the difference. Did you know that You would have a hard time convincing me to eat a freshly roasted cricket but these bars were chewy, tasty and not too sweet. A winner for me. The latest super food trend offers a product with twice as much protein as beef, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, and all nine essential amino acids. Crickets are a 20 times more efficient way of protein source compared to beef.

They are made with whole nuts, nut butters, and ground flax seeds, they have about 270 to 300 calories per bar. Exo bars are also gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free. Their three flavors are Cacao Nut, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Cashew Ginger, my personal favorite.

These are only a few of my favorites. Original, tasty, Paleo-friendly and healthy all around. I hope you enjoy them too.

By the way, I invited most of these speakers and product’s creators on our show, the Low Carb Paleo Show :

I hope you will “Like” us and listen to the show.

Chef Alain Braux

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