Low-Carb and Still Delicious? You Bet!

Chocolate pumpkin Chili: A great low carb twist on beef chili. Right now, between two big food-oriented holidays, is the perfect time to think about a low-carb diet…


chocolate pumpkin chili

Low-Carb, and Still Delicious?
You bet!


Chocolate Pumpkin Chili: A great low carb twist on beef chili.

Right now, between two big food-oriented holidays, is the perfect time think about a low-carb diet. From the Atkins Diet to the South Beach Diet, people have seen results in weight loss by watching their carbohydrate count. But consuming less carbs is important for more than just weight loss. A low-carb diet can also increase your "good" cholesterol, decrease high blood pressure, increase your energy, and improve your mood, emotions and mental concentration. A reduction in excess carbs in your diet can also end the vicious cycle of cravings for sweets and other high-carb foods.

Diabetics need to watch their carb and sugar intake daily. Which is why this week's theme was a perfect shoe-in for Carolyn Ketchum, who writes the blog,All Day I Dream About Food. Almost all of her recipes are low-carb because Carolyn was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her last pregnancy. The condition never went away, despite her relatively healthy lifestyle, and being pre-diabetic has caused her to re-evaluate her cooking and baking methods. We love what she's done so far!

In addition to low-carb, most of Carolyn's recipes are gluten-free, too. The link between diabetes and gluten is just beginning to be understood. A recent article in the Journal of Immunology has shown that sensitivity to gliadin (the protein found in wheat) can cause insulitis in mice. But diabetics already know that wheat has a high glycemic index, so for them, being (almost) gluten-free is a natural part of their diet. 

It used to be that a gluten-free diet was almost automatically low-carb, too, because tasteful substitutions for gluten-free baked goods used to be hard to come by. But talented bakers and food manufacturers have found ways around that, and now you can find gluten-free baked goods that taste just as great as the original gluten versions. But they are just as high-carb, and sometimes more. Its important that if you are on a gluten-free diet, that you don't just replace all your favorite wheat foods with gluten-free renditions of them, and think that you are doing yourself a favor. A cupcake is still a cupcake, whether its gluten-free or not, and should be eaten as a treat, not on a regular basis. The same can be said of pastas and breads, which, although gluten-free, are still high in carbohydrates and calories (unless its a bread made from almond flour – see our cookbook review below).

So before you begin the holiday party circuit this month, please enjoy some low-carb meals, and try to think of party food as just that – occasional (and small) indulgences, not your main meal. We have many low-carb recipes, some so low in carbs that they are even diabetic-friendly. While they are all delicious and satisfying, this amazing combination of chocolate and pumpkin in a chili, was a clear winner. Rich, heavenly, and still healthy! Enjoy! 

You can view more low-carb recipes here, or just browse our continually expanding collection of recipes here. You can even filter by the type of meal that you're looking for, and other dietary restrictions, if you have some. If you like what you see, be sure to create an account, so you can add recipes to your Recipe Box.

Do you have a favorite low-carb recipe that you'd like to share? We'd love to see it! View our recipe and photography guidelines for tips on getting it published, and submit it

the Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

Cookbook Review: The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

by Elana Amsterdam

"Almond flour! Its genius, really. It has a great consistency, a nice, almost sweet flavor, its low-carb and its totally versatile! Elana Amsterdam does an amazing job showcasing the myriad ways in which almond flour can be used not only to subsitute for your favorite baked goods, but also in every day cooking… "

Exciting news! Elana has been gracious to give us an extra book for one lucky winner. All members are automatically entered to win the giveaway. If you're not a member of Stuffed Pepper yet, now would be a good time to become one.

Heartland Brewery Midtown-West

Heartland Brewery. Midtown West. NYC

This week's featured restaurant is in the big apple. Review by Erin Smith.

"As a Celiac there are many times you just want to feel like part of the group, instead of the gluten-free, outcast. You want to join friends during happy hour to drink beer, watch a baseball game while eating chicken wings, and pig out over an order of nachos…" 

Do you have a favorite gluten-free restaurant? You can Add a Restaurant to the directory, or review one that's already listed.

ZSweet zero calorie sweetener

Can you eat low-carb and still enjoy desserts?

with ZSweet zero calorie sweetener, you can!

"I have tried several brands of erythritol sweeteners and long ago settled on ZSweet as my favourite. It just seems to combine better with other ingredients and it also contains a little stevia. I discovered on my own that erythritol and stevia appear to enhance each other's sweetness, and have been combining them in my baked goods for quite a while…"



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