We’re one week into the Quiz, and currently the Dolls are kicking butt!

Have you been playing along? If you're a guy and you're not playing along, its time to man up! The Dudes need your help. And if you have been playing, a new question awaits!

Test your Gluten IQ

Have you been playing along? If you're a guy, and you're not playing yet, its time to man up! The Dudes need your help! And if you have been playing, well a new question awaits! :)

So in addition to being awesome team captains for the Quiz, Gluten Free Doll and Gluten Dude have been busy with their own blogs.  

Gluten Dude set out to have 31 posts for the month of May. One for each day of Celiac Awareness Month. He's almost there! Gluten Dude's blog tells "The Naked Truth About Living Gluten Free," and I love that he just doesn't hold back.  In addition to his usual posts around emotionally charged issues that celiacs face on a daily basis, he has a fun Celiac Haiku post this month. And he finally opened up and told us his story for the first time! 

Meanwhile, Gluten Free Doll has been leading her team strongly, even after having been glutened recently. :( I hope you'll swing by and wish her a speedy recovery. And then you can read her 102 Reasons You Know You're a Celiac post for a few laughs.

If you haven't been playing the game, then you probably missed The Urban Poser's post, Wait! You mean there's no such thing as a gluten-free grain?  Very important information. Also, GF Dougie has a post about how to prepare for a natural disaster as a celiac.  He is also conducting some research on why celiacs mimic gluten diets, and would really love your input. Please share your thoughts with him. 

Looking for some new inspiration in the kitchen? Check out these delicious recipes recently submitted:

Tropical Black Bean Mango Quinoa Salad  by Cara's Cravings
Beet Chips with Cashew Tzatziki by the Urban Poser
Gingered Green Beans with Carmelized Shallots by the Urban Poser

While tomorrow is technically the end of Celiac Awareness Month, we'll be continuing the quiz into June. Because celiac awareness really shouldn't end at the end of the month.



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