Write about your favorite thing that is not health-related but likely improves your life


The newest member of my family is my favourite thing these days. In some ways he is good for my health, as he gets me out walking everyday and he reminds me to live in the moment.

His name is Buddy, and we rescued him from a dog rescue shelter last month.

This past July we had to put our beloved Comet down. He was a golden retriever, cocker spaniel mix and really the best dog in the world. He kept me going on many occasions when I was so sick that I wanted just to give up living. I knew that I had to keep going for Comet as there was no one else who could look after him.

 I adopted Comet from my sister, when Comet was six years old. He had chased a squirrel up at their cottage and got hit and dragged by a car and had extensive injuries that were going to require a lot of hands on care. My sister at that time had two young children and she and her husband worked full time and the money that Comet’s surgery was going to cost was out of the question for them. My wonderful Father stepped in and said he would pay the vet bills so that I could look after Comet. It was the best answer as Comet got to stay in the family and live on. It took almost a year of care for Comet to get back on his legs and heal his torn skin, but he did thrive after that with all the love that my family gave to him. I felt so blessed to have him in my life and grateful to my wonderful father who helped with all Comet’s expenses. Comet was truly a gift from God.

We knew Comet’s time was coming as he had really slowed down this past year, but no matter who you are, it is a tough thing to say goodbye to your best buddy. We knew we were doing the right thing and whether you believe in a higher power or not, I know that Comet is happy and chasing squirrels wherever he is now.

Last month I started to look at dog rescue sights and within two weeks I saw this picture of an adorable little dog. I have always had larger type dogs and didn’t know if I wanted a small dog, but something drew me to Buddy and before I knew it my husband and I were driving the hour from our home to pick him up.

Buddy is part terrier, yorkie I think, and he has the best disposition. Whoever had him was good to him as he has no fears and is a well adjusted dog.

We learned that he had come all the way from Kentucky as he has been in the pound there for months. Thanks to a wonderful woman who runs’ I am alive dog rescue in Brockville Ontario,’ Buddy got a second chance. She was able to bring him from Kentucky to her kennel where she then advertised him on her facebook page. This is how I came to see his beautiful, sweet face on my computer screen.


We are forever grateful to her for bringing Buddy to her kennel and advertising him online so that we now are graced with his presence in our home.

Buddy loves to chase squirrels and play with his toys. My husband takes Buddy for runs every night and once again, I have a dog that has more energy than I do. Perhaps this is good; it gets me out for walks and enables me to live in the moment as all dogs do. I feel so blessed to have a dog in my life once again, whether I can keep up with him or not. They are always so forgiving and just really want to be with you and make you smile. How can that not be good for your health!

The day God made dogs; he just sat down and smiled. After all, God spelled backwards is dog.


One thought on “Write about your favorite thing that is not health-related but likely improves your life

  1. Heather Jacobsen

    I'm so happy for you and Buddy! He's adorable.

    Its hard losing a pet. I still think about my Simba who passed away (violently) years ago. Maybe he and Comet are hanging out together somewhere. 

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