paleo shepherd's pie

Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

This paleo Shepherd’s pie always brings me back to England, where my husband and I went to graduate school, spending many a long night deep in the academic trenches of anthropology and biology. [ … ]

lemon-almond cauliflower couscous

Lemon-Almond Cauliflower Couscous

This cauliflower couscous is a refreshing alternative to the wheat-based dish.* It still has all the elements of a Moroccan flavored side dish, while being light and delicate enough for [ … ]

Grain-free Paleo Pizza Crust. Low-FODMAP, too!

Now, I know that caveman didn’t really order take-out on Friday nights, which is why some people scoff at the idea of “paleo pizza.” But then again, he didn’t watch [ … ]

are peas paleo? minted peas

Minted Peas

Are peas paleo or not? Some say green legumes are ok on the paleo diet because the nutritional content outweighs the problems that lectins and phytates might cause. Personally, I’ve [ … ]

Brazilian Fish Stew. Moqueca.

This Brazilian Fish Stew sounds and tastes exotic, and yet it is so simple to make. A coconut milk-chicken-stock broth is deepened with paprika and garlic which embraces the delicate flavors of [ … ]

Steak Salad with Fennel, Radish & Olives

Steak Salad with Fennel, Radish & Olives

By the time spring rolls around, salads start to look more appealing than cold greens on chilly winter nights did. This salad is one of my favorites to make this time of [ … ]

paleo turkey meatloaf

Paleo Turkey Meatloaf

This paleo turkey meatloaf is one of my son’s favorite “comfort foods.” Its best to use ground turkey thighs, or find ground turkey meat with a higher fat percentage if you can [ … ]