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Wheat Belly. Book Review

I found the New York Times Bestseller book Wheat Belly, by cardiologist Dr. William Davis to be a fascinating and, at times, frightening book.  He opens with a discussion about how housewives of his mother’s generation were always so slim, despite baking all kinds of goodies, and never donning a pair of sneakers. And yet today…

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The Gluten Effect Book Review Cover

The Gluten Effect. Book Review.

Years before an international symposium of doctors got together to declare gluten sensitivity a legitimate disease with its own set of symptoms, Drs. Vikki and Richard Petersen were compiling case studies of patients who clearly manifested such sensitivities to gluten. In 2009, they published The Gluten Effect, a compendium of the far-reaching and dangerous effects of…

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Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It. Book Review.

This book is an eye-opening look at the real truth behind why we get fat. Like most people, I was conditioned to believe that eating fat was what made us fat, and so I dutifully adhered to a low-fat diet to keep my slim figure throughout my twenties and thirties. Unfortunately, this resulted in a…

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