Vitamins for Healthy Skin

Simply put, our bodies can’t produce the nutrients that are required for proper functioning. So our only source of getting such nutrients is through food. To understand the importance of vitamins for healthy skin, as well as their role in our body, you need to know why they are needed. Vitamins are nothing but essential compounds the body needs. They do not provide energy like carbohydrates or proteins but are necessary for its growth and functioning.

We only need a small portion of vitamins, and they are present in a sufficient amount in our food. But, still it’s possible to become deficient in vitamins, and it damages the health of our body and skin too. A few of the health benefits of vitamins include protecting the heart, keeping cholesterol levels in check, and preventing eye disorders. Plus, vitamins treat skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and premature aging. To alleviate skin problems, you have to consume vitamin-rich food. But, your body can deliver only a certain amount of vitamins to the skin. So to treat your skin issues, you also have to use skincare products that have vitamins. Check out this post on the Benefits of Vitamin c serums for face (Top 5 reviews) to find out more about vitamin enriched skincare.

You must know that more does not necessarily mean better. It’s impossible to overdose on vitamins through natural food sources. But, it is possible through vitamin supplements. Taking too many vitamins can be very unpleasant for your body and can lead to gastrointestinal issues, upset stomach, and other major problems.

If you’re looking for more information and specific food sources that have vitamins, this infographic contains all of the information you need.

Infographic: Vitamins for Healthy Skin

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  1. Mary Bush

    People forget that having healthy skin can lead to overall good health. I always apply sunscreen during hot days and when before going to bed, I wash my face with some lemon and water and apply Solvaderm for my complexion.

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